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LIBERSET originates from "LIBER", the evergreen bark of trees, and our "SET" members, with whom we build our ecosystems

What makes us unique

Community: leading family-owned groups and CEOs share their industrial pain points and ecosystems

Reach: a transatlantic approach to sourcing sustainable enterprises and their enabling technologies

Acceleration: a set of network development and digital support tools to scale transatlantic businesses

Return: strategic and financial returns leveraging transatlantic valuation gaps

Our Vision

Long-term, to allow our portfolio companies to build truly sustainable enterprises 

Transatlantic, to allow our businesses to scale, accelerate and perform better globally

Industrial, taking into account the pain points of family-owned groups to build coherent innovation verticals

leading sustainability

Help manage the correlation between global population growth, finite planet resources and current industrial practices through the following principles:

  • Less is more
  • Linear to circular
  • Grey to green


Detect target industrial companies based on unsustainable pain points 

Apply enabling technologies to the transformation of their business models

Maximize sustainable investment value through transatlantic valuation gaps


A willingness to integrate our Liberset mission and leverage capital gains to support more sustainable and circular initiatives

An ambition to build a community of future oriented entrepreneurs through selected global projects 

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