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Pete Plate

Pet Plate is a fast-growing direct-to-consumer subscription service that delivers freshly cooked meals for pets. It offers personalized meal plans delivered to your door and ready to serve in pre-portioned containers based on the pets needs. PetPlace rides on a strong trend among millennials: to cater to the lives of their pets with higher quality and more authentic products, ordered online and delivered to their door. PetPlate human-grade food is healthier, safer and tastier than the industrial grade products from legacy players. It improves digestion, weight management, palatability, allergy relief, energy level, and coat shine. “We are pleased to join PetPlate at such a critical juncture of its development. From its healthy ambitions and talented team to its superb rebranding and omni-channel ambitions” declares Eric Lepleux, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Fabulous Brands.
We have enjoyed exchanging with Eric on our recent rebranding and feel we all know each other really well to further exploit the fundamental strengths of our offering and position for the very attractive growth of our category” adds Renaldo Webb, Founder.

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